Friday, March 21, 2008

Followed by Good News...

As always, God is gracious beyond anything I can ever fathom. We have found a new location to live only a week after finding out we needed to move. IT doesn't replace Sparham Hall Farmhouse by any means but it'll do. News when it happens.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And Now the Bad News...

In quite the surprise development through circumstances beyond our control we now find ourselves having to find a new place to live. To say we're crushed would be an understatement (especially with Jill having to go downrange in just a few weeks) but we know that there's a Master Plan and we serve the One who is running it.

Forgive any lapses of posts that may follow, I'll post as I'm able until we're settled in the new location. Wherever that may be...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bit by the French Yet Again

Most of you know that, despite giving them every chance at disproving the stereotypes that abound about the French (in general of course) every time I visit something happens to reinforce said stereotypes.

Well, point proven again.

Jill and I were taking a one-day trip run by the base to visit the historic town of Bruges, Belgium. This meant of course that we would have to cross the Channel and traverse a small part of France to get there. Seems the French dock workers are having a strike, sorry... industrial action as they call it, and have parked their boats in the harbor at Calais preventing the timely movement of passengers, cargo and the like in and out of the port. The result? Three hour delay. COMING AND GOING! Like I said, every time I go...

Nonetheless we arrived in Bruges and has a great (albeit short) visit to this wonderfully preserved city. Renowned for the varying styles of architecture throughout the city center (and from building to building in some cases) it was a real treat to visit. Jill had a grand time shopping and although it was a bit on the chilly side with the sharp wind it was an enjoyable day out. Our bus driver from Fun and Sun, Gordon, provided the greatest running commentary during our trip and I even learned a few French jokes I didn't know.

This image was taken outside of the Belfort (belltower) with the stature celebrating two 14th century guildsmen who led a revolt against the French in the foreground. Perhaps they were also delayed by industrial action?