Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quick Post Between Events

Well, a week in Scotland at a cottage overlooking Loch Ness is something I must insist you ALL do at least once in your lives! To say our time there was relaxing and the "calm before the storm" would be an understatement. The weather forcast for the week included my favorite word (snow in case you don't know) and we weren't disappointed. Not enough to cover the roads but enough to make the hills looks spectacular and put enough of a chillin the air to wake you up.

One of the best days was Sunday where we did... nothing. No agenda, no plans, nothing. We did start a puzzle it took us the week to finish and my youngest daughter proved to us all she is an UNO shark in the making but other than that, we were lounging by the fire. Wonderful.

Our cottage DID afford us some spectacular views of Loch Ness and the town of Drumnadrochit. The photo below is just one of many I took suring a snow storm building across the Loch from us. We did eventually get out and visit Fort George, Urquhurt Castle (2 minutes from our cottage) and the Culloden Battlefield. I was also able to get a day away to focus on my photography by driving around Loch Ness. In case you're interested in finding out more about our cottage an others offered by our gracious hosts, please visit their website.

But, work calls. We arrived back home at Sparham Hall on Satudrday evening and have spent Sunday packing up preparing for our move into the Old Chapel starting on Monday. Hopefully the weather will co-operate and we can get settled quickly (so I can finally LOOK at my Scotland images).

Thanks for hanging in there, will post more when I'm able.