Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Blind: a work in progress

Photographing military aircraft or the aurora is much easier than photographing teeny-tiny birds. Even the bigger ones are wiley and smart with eyes like eagles (duh James).

While not a fantastic shot, this is an example of how close I'm able to get to our resident red-legged partridges (called Frenchies by the local farmers). My office has 2 large doors that open onto the back yard and with the air of curtains and some clamps I'm able to create a "blind" of sorts to view the action.

With spring approaching, more and more visitors are showing up. Earlier this week we saw a pair of great spotted woodpeckers. My youngest daughter was watching blackbirds in the bird bath when she said one of them "looks wrong" and upon closer inspection I realized why. Improvements on the blind are planned, will advise when there is more to report.

I should also let you know that more and more images are being added to the fine-art print galleries. Having recieved works from this fantastic e-commerce partner I can say with utmost confidence that you will LOVE the results. If you're looking for something extra special consider ordering a print on canvas. Incredible. something you'll pass down to your children.



Wednesday, February 21, 2007

People People Everywhere!!!!

Crowds. Ick. I am NOT a city guy by any means, I'm much more comfortable in the middle of nowhere facing the elements with my wits and a small survival kit than I am a tourist map and urban canyons.

So finding myself in the middle of London during the Chinese New Year celebrations left me a bit... wanting. Mostly for solitude.

We had taken our family to London for the day so you might imagine how a parent with two little ones dealt with the crowds. Mostly by afflicting the girls with the grip o' death among the swarming masses of humanity. This was also my first real trip into London (I had arrived at Heathrow 6 months ago but promptly boarded a bus for new diggs in Norfolk) so I was attempting to take in this historic city in between glances around me to find the little ones. I must say it is an amazing place and one which I plan on documenting in my own way at a later date (sans children and crowds if I have my way).

Since this wasn't a "working" trip photography was a second-tier activity but I was able to get an image or two which lent themselves to my artistic interpretation of the day and have just been released as a short series of blank greeting cards. We'll see if subsequent trips to the urban jungle produce similar results. Hopefully without the whole of England along as well.



Sunday, February 11, 2007


With great joy I announce the publication of my book:

"Unique Imagery From Around the World: Stories and Techniques Behind Their Creation"

Filled with some of my favorite images from Alaska, the Azores, China and Venice, Italy this book endeavors to let you in on what happens behind the scenes of a single image. Weather, culture, technical considerations, the whole lot.

More information as well as excerpts from the book are HERE!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Bring on the Snow!!!!

As you may or may not have heard, England is suffering from one of the biggest snow falls in 4 years.

Well, most of England is.

Knowing that chance favors the prepared mind and that mine is nice and new (I keep it in a box so I don't use it un-necessarily) I set up Jill's nifty little Canon S3 on a tripod in hopes of recording a series of images showing our yard filling with with a glorious gift from the clouds.

And yes, the titles are on the correct images.

The top photo was at 9:30am. The bottom one at just before 11 as I returned from my accountant's office.

The kids got out of school early.

They had a 2-hour delay today.

They got sent home just after being picked up.

There is LESS snow in my yard now.

I love the Brits but they don't know JACK about snow.