Wednesday, February 21, 2007

People People Everywhere!!!!

Crowds. Ick. I am NOT a city guy by any means, I'm much more comfortable in the middle of nowhere facing the elements with my wits and a small survival kit than I am a tourist map and urban canyons.

So finding myself in the middle of London during the Chinese New Year celebrations left me a bit... wanting. Mostly for solitude.

We had taken our family to London for the day so you might imagine how a parent with two little ones dealt with the crowds. Mostly by afflicting the girls with the grip o' death among the swarming masses of humanity. This was also my first real trip into London (I had arrived at Heathrow 6 months ago but promptly boarded a bus for new diggs in Norfolk) so I was attempting to take in this historic city in between glances around me to find the little ones. I must say it is an amazing place and one which I plan on documenting in my own way at a later date (sans children and crowds if I have my way).

Since this wasn't a "working" trip photography was a second-tier activity but I was able to get an image or two which lent themselves to my artistic interpretation of the day and have just been released as a short series of blank greeting cards. We'll see if subsequent trips to the urban jungle produce similar results. Hopefully without the whole of England along as well.



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