Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Welcome to my blog where I will deposit my thoughts about being an American Yank living in Lord Nelson's land: Norfolk shire in England. This won't be a tourist's guide to this part of the United Kingdom, although I will certainly be featuring the sights around us I observe. Moreso it will be a place to record what daily life is like for a stay-at-home Dad in an 18th century farmhouse located in rural Norfolk county. You might also get to hear what it is like to be an American living overseas in these, um... unsettled times.

Sadly, it may also contain the mad rambling thoughts I have while mowing the lawn, maintaining the garden or working hard to refine my photographic skills. Please don't expect any form of political correctness (or political cowardess as I prefer) and I would certainly expect to come across such phrases as "poop" and "fart" as they seem fit. :-)



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