Monday, April 23, 2007

Unexpected Visitors!

For those of you who have been along since I started this little bit of literary bumbling you may remember the second post I did about the Demise of the Hen Harrier. Long story short: beautiful raptor found dead in yard. So imagine my joy at sighting not one but TWO raptors as I brought the kids home from the bus stop! If my handy-dandy Peterson Field Guide is correct then this must be a pair of kestrels (Falco tinnunculus). Kestrels are small falcons and these two were gliding and swooping over the hedgerows from field to field, one stopping just long enough for me to grab this image from the van (because no one EVER goes anywhere without a 300mm lense, right).

With any luck they'll hang around and settle into our little corner of paradise so I can write about them a little more and perhaps take a better portrait next time.




wgwfineart said...


Awesome shot as usual. James if I hang out with you I might start making some sales or at least learning something new about marketing.... wgw

wgwfineart said...


Very sweet shot. They say things happen for a reason. If I keep hanging out with you. I'll learn alot more about marketing maybe even make a sale.