Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wedding Season is Upon Us

One of the most assured signs of spring is seeing a church or chapel filled to the brim with well-dressed folks on a Saturday: sure sign of a wedding! I was greatly blessed to be able to photograph a wedding recently in the coastal village of Burnham Deepdale here in the UK. Now being from the States we think we know what old is when we visit places like Colonial Williamsburg or Jamestown. But really, that's nothing.

St. Mary's church was built somewhere around 1066 some 400 years before "the colonies" were just that. Sporting a massive round tower it sits just off of the main coastal road in north Norfolk county. As usual, the bridal party was full of charming children and stunningly beautiful women. Handsomly-dressed men also abounded and the occasion was one filled with joy and gaeity. The Vicar was most helpful even to the point of showing me where the really good locations were and exactly when I should be there. What a joy.

I was simply overcome by the thought that for nearly a thousand years this very site has been the focus of song, prayer and tradition. To stand next to the organist as he played and hear, no, feel the hymns reverberate throughout the structure made one feel quite small. Small, but not insignificant. It was a great event and one location I would be quite happy to visit again.

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