Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

Well the Holiday break is finally over, the kids back in school and the cars fixed (which means I'm not sitting in a waiting room) so it is finally time for me to get back to work!

I do hope you had an enjoyable Christmas break. For us Christmas is bittersweet since we are so far from family, but as always the church family is there to help celebrate. Everywhere we have gone our newest church family is wonderful and helps us to feel a part of something bigger, feel like we're home.

This is also the time to look back and remember those things I was blessed enough to enjoy: the Weeting Steam Festival, low-fly spotting in Wales, Spring Break in Loch Ness, a winter trip back to Alaska and the general euphoria that comes with being a photographer. 2009 promises to be no less exciting with Spring Break slated to be spent cruising around the Eastern Mediterranean, more trips to Wales and a couple of possible trips I'm keeping under wraps for the moment. This year will also see us leaving England for (as of now) parts unknown so another adventure of moving the family across the globe is in store! I'm almost excited about that. Almost...

So here's hoping that 2009 will bring fun, adventure and laughs to you (OK, me too).

Best wishes,


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