Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Coming to and End

You know, for some reason when I started this blog I never really realized that I would at some point have to LEAVE England. Well, I am.

It is with quite the mixed bag of feeling that I prepare to move my family across the globe (AGAIN) this time to the high desert scenery of Tucson, Arizona. We're looking forward to being back in America after 5 years living abroad but we leave so many things behind: great friends, great church family, great travel and scenery opportunities.

So since I'll no longer be an American Yank in England I'm drawing this blogger site to a close. But fear not, for I have a cunning plan! I have begun the next step in my Blogger presence with ONE PICTURE ONE-HUNDRED WORDS which is just as simple as it sounds. I hope you enjoy it and I always love to hear your comments.



1 comment:

imbeingheldhostage said...

Just wanted to say hi from Norfolk and tell you that I just had an engineer out to fix my washer and we started talking cameras. He proceeded to tell me about a man he met in Stoke who had amazing photographs framed in his house. He remembered your blog name.

After looking around, I see why they made such an impact on him! :-)