Monday, September 01, 2008

The Holiday Season Approaches

Yes, it's hard to believe but it is getting close to the time of the year for re-connecting with that long list of friends hidden away in your Holiday Greetings address book. Millions upon millions of pieces of mail will literally travel to and from the four corners of the globe in order to give yearly updates on what we do, the growth of our kids and the current state of our pets.

Not one to be content with the current offerings at the corner store, I decided this year to produce a line of holiday greeting cards with my own little style added to them. The first batch is out featureing a poor little eagle in a Santa hat waiting for the first glimps of morning in Alaska, scrumptious cookies, brilliant poinsettia (growing outdoors in the Azores of all places) and a couple of others.

My favorite is probably the single aurora image. When we were in Alaska the wife of our pastor saw this photo and called it the "baby Jesus" photo as once could imagine the sky looking like that on that very special knight. So Dar, THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

I think this is a cool idea for Holiday cards. Is this a picture you took and then you are going to photo shop in the Santa hat? Anyway it is a cool idea. You should check out this new site I found, It is a place for adventurous travelers.


~James said...

The hardest part is getting the eagle to wear the hat... LOL! I shot this image when living in Alaska and it just took a moment to PS the hat in. Thanks for the comment!