Saturday, January 06, 2007

Like you wanted to see more of me....

Apparently I have been somewhat remiss in connecting all of my internet "presences" with each other. So, for the sake of maintaining the sanity of the collective, below you will find where I am currently located.

Each is updated on a rotating basis (thank goodness for Outlook reminders) and there's a short comment on what the latest update for each has been and even what's coming up. Feel free to spread the word to whomever you think might be interested. (P.S. Jill says I look like I'm ready to bite someone in this photo taken just a couple of days before we left Lajes Field in the Azores at Forte de Santa Katarina built c. 1580. I think I look eager to get to a Taco Bell.)

The Main Webpage
The new website design is up and running. I interviewed myself last month (I'm a nice guy it turns out) and I'm almost finished with a "featured print of the month" page with me actually talking about the image, how it was made, what was going on at the time, etc. via a PODcast feature. Portrait photography brochures are available for download for those in the UK. Minor changes are planned but nothing major, just user-suggested tweaks (that means let me know how you like it via the Contact Me page if you have a minute).

James' Fine-Art Prints
Currently there are 6 galleries up and running, more will be loaded next week. They use the same large-format printers and inks I do (except bigger by far) and only use high-grade fine-art papers (my favorite is the Somerset Velvet Fine Art paper). As they are affiliated with the Northwest's largest framing company they offer over 5.5 million combinations of mats and frames. You can pick 1,2,3 or no mats, select widths, suedes, etc. and encase them in a fantastic selection of wood, metal and composite frames. Incredible folks to work with so far, they're out of Seattle. Currently APO/FPO orders should be phoned in or conducted via e-mail. They are aware of military customers and are working on a solution.

The Long-Awaited 2007 Calendars! I currently have 4 calendars up for sale: Alaskan Eagles, Alaskan Northern Lights, Flowers of Terceira (Azores) and my proud baby Fly Azores (In Action!) containing both civilian and military aircraft in action at Lajes Field (as well as a verion each for US, UK and Portuguese holiday dates). Pre-production is nearing completion of a photo book containing many of my favorite images and accompanying commentary about each one. World-wide shipping options make ordering easy for all!

Check out my Squidoo lenses! Currently I have 2 "lenses" going with 3 more in the works. I'll be dispensing helpful hints about various aspects of maging as well as giving book and product recommendations relating to each article.

Azores Photo Collection! A collection of prints specific to Terceira Island are located here and this e-commerce vendor easily ships to APO/FPO addresses! I am still working on a couple of panorama of Lajes but I'm not happy with the results yet so don't hurt me (Ron).

At the moment that's got everything up-to-date. But, things change almost daily around here. If you're a previous client of mine and you wish to see a specific image on a product, please e-mail as I'm sure I could work your request into my schedule (you know how accomodating I can be).

Cheers to all!


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