Monday, January 15, 2007

Products, products, everywhere!


First, the blog you are currently looking at is going to now host the majority of the news happenings from my photography studio including new products and new locations discovered. Updates will continue to happen at the main website, fear not!

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Speaking of locations I had an incredible trip to Norwich (for the Cinderella panto at the Theatre Royale) home to a Benedictine cathedral built in the 1000's (yes!) and home to the second-highest spire in England. Fantastic is an understatement.

The military aviation shop is now open featuring my military aviation images on ceramic coffee mugs and steins (what would go in there I wonder???) for both American and international air forces. As you know this was a particularly productive time in the Azores for aircraft photography so new images will be added regularly.

James O'Rear: Military Image Shop

Images of England are slowly coming on-line. As there isn't a huge backlog of them they will appear as a trickle at first, but know that with some long weekends coming up there are ample opportunities for the whole family to go who-knows-where!



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