Monday, January 07, 2008

The Arrival of D. Glen Elrod (esquire?)

My buddy and fellow photographer D. Glen Elrod finally sent me the link to his blog. I first met Glen when he was stationed in Alaska working in the hospital with my wife in the Women's Health Clinic. Both our families left at about the same time, Glen going to England and our family going to the Azores. He was able to visit us once on official business (ask him about playing bunko... then again, I doubt he remembers anything) and we were able to take a space-available flight up to see him for a week where we went to Caen, France and visited the beaches of the Normandy coast as well as Mont Ste Michel.

As fate would have it, we also moved to England and spent a year trying to meet up to do some work together with minimal success. I seemed to be perpetually busy here on the farm while he visited his second home of London as his family are great fans of the theatre. Now, Glen is out of the service and setting up a nice little practice in Alaska and teasing me relentlessly by asking questions like "What's that green glow in the sky?"

So if you get a moment, stroll on over to his blog and pay him a visit (he has a great Bruce Willis photo BTW) and welcome my buddy to the busy ecclectic world of blogging.

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