Sunday, January 20, 2008

Red Lion pub at night

There was a very short break in the miserable weather we've been having (and I DO mean miserable) so I decided to do a little experimentation at night with the new Lensbaby 3G. A short drive down the A47 and I was in the middle of Swaffham which was sparsely populated at the hour of 8pm. After a few "orientation" images I finally got my exposure dialed in (no auto-exposure or auto-focus features, talk about old school) and I was off.

One image that lept out once I was back home was the one below. All pubs in the UK have a sign hanging out proudly displaying some sort of graphic designation of their name. Often times you can also tell if it is a "contract" pub with a specific brewery or if it is a "free" house meaning they pick and choose which beverages they offer their clientele. You'll notice that the pub sign is sharp (and I mean TACK sharp) but as you get away from it the colors quickly go to blurry and what I have heard other photographers describe as a "slurred" look. This is because of the bellow design of the Lensbaby, a construction technique gleaned from the larger and much more expensive large-format cameras.

I like it, expect more "visual slurs" to appear here in the future!


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Pixel-Pixie said...

You're now featured on Raw Dezine Design's Raw Talent Page, where I list a selection of contemporary artists and photographers who, in my shamelessly personal opinion, are doing fine work in their respective fields...

Looking forward to the next installment by James with his Lensbaby...