Sunday, January 06, 2008

Quick Post... now updated!

Haven't a lot of time, the cow if finally calving but the calf is huge and presenting breech. The vet is on the way and hopefully she won't have to have a c-section in the barn (but then my nursing skills might come in handy, I've done quite a few human c-sections and as they say... parts is parts.

Until then, enjoy this fun Google Map of locations I've photographed with links to the images coming from those sites. Will be updated continually!


Great news, the calf is out and mamma and baby are doing well. The vet helped with the "calf jack" (yes, lots of parts familiar with a car jack) as the little guy was coming out rear-feet first (not good). Did I mention this was her first calf as well? I've since learned that until they have their first calf they're called a heifer and from that point on they're just a plain old cow. Never knew that, check off my "learn something new" item for the day!

So, enjoy the images of the new calf (which Graham was kind enough to point out was "big like James") and Mom!

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